Heirlooms Estate Sales and Services

Easy Move-In Liaison Service

(for local moves only)

You’ve got a life to live, things to do, last minute details to attend to, and you or a relative are just days away from moving into a new place.  The last thing you want to do is worry about how clean your new place is or trying to figure out what will go where.  You can’t face the mountains of boxes that need unpacking, or think about shopping or cooking or….it can just be too much!

Heirlooms’ Easy Move-In Liaison Service gives you a break from such headaches by serving as your liaison and acting on your behalf to:

  • Contract with a cleaning professional if the home needs cleaning prior to move in and make sure the job is done well
  • On delivery day, direct movers to place furniture where it belongs, based on your wishes
  • Unpack boxes, set up your kitchen, make the beds, put linens away–make the house completely ready for you or a family member to relax
  • We can also arrange for fresh flowers or even a meal to be delivered on the first day at the new location.