Heirlooms Estate Sales and Services

Estate/Tag Sale Service

Making it easy on you…getting the most value for your possessions…that’s our focus.

As soon as we are called to your home, we consider you part of our Heirlooms family.  Our approach is caring and thorough, and begins with a discussion centered on the best strategy for selling possessions that you no longer want or need as you transition through times of change.

Once we agree to work together with the common goal of selling furniture, accessories, jewelry, art and other possessions for the best value possible, we establish a time frame for the process to get underway based on your needs.

Six steps comprise the Heirlooms Estate/Tag Sale Service

  1. We set a start date when our team comes to your home to identify and sort items for salability, using our trained eye and    relying on our knowledge and experience to determine value.
  2. At that time, we ascertain if any items need special research, we will undertake that research on a timely basis, to ensure we price everything in a way that reflects their value.
  3. We complete the inventory and price each salable item.
  4. Prior to the sale, we stage each room in your home to showcase each of the items for sale.
  5. We are now ready to promote the multi-day event (typically three days–Thursday, Friday and Saturday) by announcing the sale on specialty on-line sites, a mass emailing to our customer list, prominent focus on our website, as well as advertising in local print media.
  6. Within one week of the tag sale, we present you with the results and your check.

What if something doesn’t sell?  Our options include:

  • Contracting with a vendor to purchase some or all of the remaining items
  • Paying a vendor a fee to dispose of the unsold items
  • Working with a local non-profit to donate remaining items
  • If you prefer, we will leave the items in the home for you.